Friday, June 20, 2008


My pot habit is being compromised by my increasing inability to remember to smoke it. This is a troubling development, one which I will stem immediately.

It began last month, or thereabouts. Actually, it was six months ago. No wait, three and half weeks because it was my sister’s birthday – although now I’m not totally sure. Anyway it was between one and six months ago, hanging out in my apartment playing guitar (I know three songs, and play them over and over instead of learning new ones.) When the session ended I was shocked to realize that I hadn’t taken a bong hit before playing, or even during. In my forty years on this earth, I’ve never neglected to smoke when playing “Sweet Baby James”, “Light My Fire” or “Ripple”.

The bad habit of forgetting to smoke pot seems to be infecting my friends as well. A few weekends ago, Andy came over to watch the new Firefox director’s cut (we are doing a Roy Schneider moviethon in honor of his recent death). When I asked him if he brought any pot, he looked at me in shock – he completely forgot, and it was the 3rd time he’d done so that week. Let me tell you, Firefox isn’t that good when you’re not high.

Measures have been taken. Thank god for yellow Post-It notes, which I’ve stuck in places obvious and not-so obvious around my apartment. On each I’ve drawn a pot leaf, and you can be sure I didn’t forget to smoke before this artistic endeavor. I’m proud to say I’ve not forgotten to smoke grass once this week, and only twice last week. I think.

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