Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Is it too much to ask to expect a simple "bless you" after a sneeze? Allergy season always exposes rudeness, and it drives me bananas.

For instance, this morning I sneezed at work - and it wasn't a small, womanly sneeze either. It was a gigantic one from the belly, and it seemed to shake the entire room. A full five seconds went by before Christine (whom I suspect has the hots for me) said "bless you." Glaring at my other cubemates, I thanked her. Then came the second sneeze. And the third. And fourth, which included a large projectile snot that adhered itself to my computer screen. Not ONE SINGLE bless you!

Did everyone think that Christine's initial "bless you" counted for all five of the sneezes? I mean, where do these people come from? It's common knowledge that a "bless you" can actually stop someone from sneezing. It serves a purpose, and that's why you say it. If someone's having a sneezing fit, don't wait until the end to say it - make yourself useful and bless them after every one.

To protest the lack of bless you's, I'm not going to cover my mouth when sneezing. If you can't extend me this basic courtesy, you will inherit my germs. Also, I'm not going to flush the toilet.

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Bethie said...

It it's clear that it's a series of sneezes...I'll wait until you're done. Don't waste my blessings!