Saturday, August 9, 2008


Count Montigue and Countess McDougal

Vampire larpers Count Philippe Montegue and Countess Kristine McDougal were married late Wednesday night at the Randolph memorial graveyard just outside Utica, New York, in a pagan ceremony involving animal sacrifice, fog machines and blood drinking. The bride is daughter of Deborah and Harold McDougal, both orthodontists in Middletown, CT; the groom is son of Ted Montigue, president of Nassau Capital Advisers, a real estate development firm in Princeton.

According to the Circle of Crone, one of the five major Covenants in the World of Darkness, married vampires can never get divorced - thus, the couple will remain together for the rest of eternity. While the couple considers marriage a "moral ritual" that was denounced by Invictus, Ordo Dracul and the Carthians amongst others, they deem it necessary for tax and insurance purposes.

The groom, 29, works at a gaming "gold farm" in Utica, which means he collects virtual money for others in the online game "World of Warcraft". The bride, 26, will continue using her name professionally. She works for Zendik, a radical/revolution oriented magazine handed out after concerts for a modest donation. She writes the monthly column Shio's Thoughts of Music, Creavolution and Magic.


betty.noir said...

Oh whoa! Zendik Farm is TOTALLY a cult!! I completely forgot about them: When I was in the Hamilton environmental group, we invited them to give a presentation, ostensibly on sustainable agriculture.

Then the talk ended up consisting of them telling us to come make art at their hippy commune and give all our money--and our parents' money--to some supreme leader guy named Wulf. Oops.

Slinky Redfoot said...

yeah they were at All Points West and she suckered me into buying a magazine. I read all about Wulf. Classic. My theory is that he really is a talking wolf.